Our Smart Data offer's relevance

Our intellectual approach

 We address the topic of historian measure's semantization and industrial contextualization out of any other IT concern, Business Intelligence, Data Science, KPIs, ... That makes the topic more abstract but isn't abstraction the promise to application domains to inifinity ?

Our commercial approach

We promote our offer in a clear and simple way : we build a true exchange around your concerns and the concepts (sometimes abstract) of the functional contextualization, wich will bridge your Big Data to Smart Data. Our clients understand the topic, how it brings value to their business and they understand the iterative and agile methodology that we use to realizing it.

Our software solution

Our software solution deals with the topic and only with it. The footprint in your information system is minimal. No other component is necessary. Our solution does not question any of the tools present in your IT organization, it complements them. Our solution does not drain any other component that would be duplicate in your IT organization. Our software solution is naturally cloudable by your means if that is suitable to your expactations. It provides REST services for multidimensional requesting. The extraction provides analytical axis, industriel assets's attributes, historian measures characteristics as well as links to your SCADA/BigData (whatever technology you use).

Our solution is POC-able in a short time depending on the perimeter to be addressed. The complete Smart Data build chain and the value to your information system can be validated.