Our IT skill domains

Functional architecture

The functional architecture is the answer to the enterprise business needs that's why it is of most value for your information system for the coming years. Our consultants have the required maturity to separate concerns about the stakes of the digital transformation and any technology solution available on the market.


Our consultants may work for the architecture, solution integration and application development within your IT organization. Amongst the solutions we used, OSISOFT PI, Wonderware. Reminder, the functional structuration or your BigData/SCADA  may be greatly accelerated in terms of feasability and delivery thanks to our IngeniBridge solution.

Master Data Management

Our expertise on this topic essentially lays on the phases of change, existing source inventory, building the target solution and coordinating data transfer and integration.

SOA architectures

SOA architectures may be used in two ways. The first is building a services (and data) hub to be widely used within the enterprise. The second is the use of technology solutions as an extension to the EAI so as to sustain (by building technical exchanges) the information system. Deagital proposes its expertise in the first use case in scenarios such as information system functional urbanization. Please note that functional urbanization relies on a Master Data Management base.

Software architecture

Under certain circumstances, the IT organization has no choice but build its own software for the information system. Either because the market has no offerings or not satisfactory ones, either because the functionalities are differentiating on the market addressed by the enterprise. In this case, our consultants are experts at building agile architectures to be reusable within the IT organization.