Our IT Services Offers

Smart data

That's the most leveled Deagital expertise. We accompany you in building the functional contextualization repository describing your Scada or Data Lake. This repository will help you address the functional use cases based on complex extractions and, if needed, intelligent tree introspection. Indeed, how to setup all the business use cases simply based on the label of the historian data ? The repository will enable delivery of reliable key performance indicators, right reportings, dashboards contexted on external tools such as GIS (Geographic Information System), parameterization of your calculation rules, govern historian data acquisition, implement correlation rules on alerting values, find cause and effect relationships by using data science and yet more... The contextualization repository will set the bridge linking your BigData or Data Lake to Smart integrated intelligence. Our expert consultants will accompany you in building in an agile and iterative way all the business use cases which will bring the value for driving the enterprise performance. Our IngeniBrigde software sets for fast delivery of business use cases.

Managing your IT projects

Deagital being an IT Services conpany, we accompany our clients by delegating skills in project management during their development. What's more, we can accompany you with business analysis skills.

Software integration and development

Software development is part of our expertise as well. Our IT consultants, software architects or developers, are able to sustain the effort of implementing your IT projects.